We have a production facility and sales network located in Izmir with a production capacity of 14 million pieces per year. By Bone products are exported to approximately 30 countries.

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Widespread sales network
  • Support after sale
  • Production capacity
  • Service Quality

This applies to all kinds of restaurants, hotels, etc. It is the most useful porcelain manufacturer for Be patient during configuration. There is so much variety that you can choose anything without getting ready to shop. So perfect.

Uğur YunusChef

"By Bone" porcelain showoom is gorgeous. I find that I can do anything I want to create a work of art. Very strong and adaptable plates. I don't know what else I could want in this shop. I think you should visit this place.

Fatih UğurXYZ Restaurant | Bursa